Sleep On It: Time Management The Night Before

With almost everything in life, it’s not necessarily what you do that matters but how you do it. This applies just as much to effectively managing your time as it does to all other aspects of business, relationships and lifestyle. More often than not, we all know what we need to do in order to hit the mark. The issues arise in our execution of those tasks. It all comes down to the clarity of your intent and the energy you’re putting into it. Continue reading

Attachments To Adversity

We live in a culture where whenever we do something that we feel is doesn’t work, we’re quick to label it faulty and broken. Whether it be nervousness in certain situations, awkward outbursts you can’t explain, or in some case full panic attacks, what we so often neglect to look at is what the feelings themselves are doing for you, and what the advantage is to doing things in that way. Continue reading

Are You Planning To Stress?

What type of thoughts rush through your head when you think about some kind of impending pressures or stresses that you’ll have to tackle in the near future? Is it doom or gloom or is it optimism and opportunity? Believe it or not, the way you think about an event beforehand has a massive impact on the outcome, and while you may not have control over the circumstances themselves, you have complete freedom over the way you feel about them and the way you react. Continue reading

Goal Setting for Weight Loss

When I work with people wanting to manage their weight, I’m shocked at how rare it is for people to actually have a clear idea of what they want for themselves, let alone a clearly worded goal for themselves. Your mind responds to what you say to yourself over and over, and gives you back more of what you’re thinking. If you’re thinking vague, your mind will give you vague, through the physical habits you find yourself doing to the chemicals your brain sends the rest of your body in every moment. One of the most important factors in weight management is in being clear on what you want. Continue reading

Why Can’t I Have It?

When you take responsibility for everything that’s going on in your life (after all, the thing that every experience you have has in common is that you’re involved) you get a sense that whatever is stopping you from achieving what it is you want is something on the inside. We tend to accumulate ideas and beliefs through our lives that we base our world on, and your mind would rather keep you where you are and be right about your beliefs than let you have what you want and leave the ideas you have about yourself in tatters. Continue reading

Hidden Motives: What’s Stopping You Getting On With It

If you’re like most people, there are probably a few things that you want to get done and out of the way, but you haven’t quite gotten around to starting yet. Even the most productive people often have some areas of life that aren’t as ideal as others. We all have things that are important to us, and other things which aren’t so important. The things that are really important get done, while the things that aren’t as important don’t get done. Continue reading

What’s Love Got To Do With It: Why That Special Someone Is Designed To Piss You Off

Ask a single (and looking) person what they’re looking for in a relationship. They’ll likely answer that they want someone who shares their taste in music, films, food, hobbies, with a similar sense of humour and who is driven in the same direction as them in life. Ask someone miserable about their current relationship what’s wrong. They’ll likely answer (in a more disgruntled tone than the singles) that they want him or her to be more interested in their taste in music, films, food, hobbies, who appreciates their humour more and understood their priorities in life more, if not shifting their lives to match up completely. Continue reading